Pickwick Slow Tea Classics Velvet Green

  • Pickwick Slow Tea Classics Velvet Green
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Douwe Egberts Professional introduces Slow Pickwick Tea. With the introduction of Pickwick Slow Tea Douwe Egberts coffee lovers a special and qualitative perception, an innovation consisting of (a selection of) four sophisticated, exciting blends of teas, herbs and fruit pieces, and four superior single origin teas, extra hose to enjoy. Extra-long tea leaves make for a slow extraction and delicate, full flavor. In the hectic pace of everyday life Slow Pickwick Tea offers a moment of peace.
Slow Pickwick Tea Specials
The line consists of four Slow Pickwick Tea Classics: classic single origin teas, accessible and elegant. Green Velvet: soft, floral and grassy tones. This box consists of 25 sachets.

Pickwick - slow tea's


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